I am a Frontend Developer and tech lead with a vast experience in CSS3 and JavaScript, dedicated and enthusiastic with a strong technical knowledge and education. With more than 10 years of experience working as a Frontend Developer, I have a significant experience with multiple computer languages, including JavaScript, Typescript, CSS3, HTML5.

Nowadays I work with VueJS, Typescript, Webpack and SCSS.
More recently, I have been also expanding my knowledge into GraphQL world with a strong desire to work in future projects where I can apply my integrate experience.


Software Developer

Rumos Academy - Portugal

The Academy of Software Development intends to prepare complete professionals, capable of responding to the growing need of the market to find resources in the development area.

Web Design

LSD - Lisbon School of Design - Portugal

Creation of websites and other graphic projects for digital devices.

Javascript Course ES5/ES6

FLAG - Portugal

Extension Course of new features available on ES5/ES6.

Postgraduate Design Web apps

Unibratec Universities - Recife, Brazil

I learned how to build Web Apps and studied the technologies that existed at the time, to develop the most modern applications.

Graduate Graphic Design

Unibratec Universities - Recife, Brazil

The design student looking for to learn something he will have professional prominence and job opportunities.